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Competitions are the backbone of the Context platform. They operate hand in hand with our external integrations such as Smashgg, Battlefy & Challonge. Payouts are calculated based on the standings of your tournament, so you don't need to worry about it.

In order to verify payouts go to the correct players, when running your bracket please make sure that users are signed up with an actual account on the respective platform where the event is being hosted, manually entering users into the bracket will create problems when finalizing a competition.

Creating a Competition

To create a Context Competition, you can complete a creation wizard, you can do that here.

Step 1: Begin

The first wizard step allows you to select a Context Community to create this competition under, giving you the ability to have a central hub to house all of the competitions relating to your organization.

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Step 2: Provider

The second step you’ll be completing is selecting your provider. A provider is generally where your event’s bracket is hosted. Currently we support Smashgg, Challonge & Battlefy.

Step 3: Configure Event

The configure step may be different depending on which provider you select on the previous step, however, it usually involves pasting the URL to your tournament’s bracket.

Step 4: Prize Breakdown

Configuring the prize breakdown is essential, this determines who in your tournament gets a cut of the prize pool and how much they receive.

By default, the prize split inputs are percentages of the total prize pool, for example, if you enter 50 into the input for 1st place, they will receive 50% of the prize pool after the competition has concluded. Alternatively, you can click the switch in the top right to change the input boxes to amounts, where you can enter a flat amount, for example, if you enter 250 into the 1st place input, the 1st place team will receive $250 in your selected currency.

Step 5: Prize Pool

Here is where you input the amount you would like for the total prize pool along with the currency. Donations to your competition will also be locked to this currency.

Step 6: Checkout

The final step of the competition creation wizard. Here you select how you wish to pay for the competition’s prize pool. Keep in mind when paying via PayPal the amount may look like more than you selected on the prize pool step. This is because we calculate the fees before you are redirected for transparency. Context charges a 3% service fee, along with other fees which you will be able to see on the order confirmation screen.
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A Context Community is the central hub for your organization or esports community. Selecting a community on the first step when creating a competition attaches it to it, meaning the competiton will show on your community landing page.

Communities can also facilitate Subscriptions and Direct donations, allowing you to explore new sources of revenue and further fund your competitions. A portion of the revenue is allowed to be freely withdrawn from the Context platform, however the remaining portion will stay within the system and can be put towards new competitions or donations to other competitions.

Creating a Community

To create a Context Community, you will have to complete a creation wizard, you can do that here.

Step 1: Begin

The first step allows you to customize your community, such as the name, regions & images. For best results, we recommend using 200x200 resolution for the Logo & 1920x480 resolution for the Banner.

Step 2: Subscriptions

The second step will give you the ability to add custom Community Subscription plans. These can range from tier 1 to tier 3 subscriptions with your preferred payment amount & currency. Subscriptions are charged monthly.
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Context charges a 3% service fee for every transaction. Along with this, fees for PayPal include both a transaction fee & payout fee. The transaction fee is 4.4% + $0.30 per transaction whereas the payout fee is 2%. We charge this payout fee when money comes into the system in order to ensure players receive 100% of the winnings when withdrawing.

You can see a full transparent breakdown of the fees charged before confirming your payment.