Esports crowdfunding and payments made simple.

Empowering tournament organisers and esport communities to handle payments efficiently, create effective revenue streams, and gamify their platforms

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Increase your prize pools gives your community a platform to easily crowdfund a greater prize pool for your gaming events, so you can focus on providing quality coverage and entertainment for your viewers.

Once you have set up your competition with your preferred bracketing software, you will have your very own competition page. You can direct users to this page to contribute to your event.

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Instantly pay out your players

After your event is over, all you need to do is select the players who placed in the money, then just a single click and you’re done.

Players will be able to withdraw their cash instantly to PayPal and are charged absolutely 0 fees, meaning they will always get 100% of their earnings.

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Create new revenue streams with Context Communities

Maintaining a consistent revenue stream in order to keep attracting the highest level of competition is not an easy feat to accomplish, with Context, we can help ease some of the burden.

Direct Donations

Context also supports direct donations to a community. As an organiser you can use these funds to consitently provide prize pools for your players, pay various staff members for their work, or withdraw a cut to use outside of Context.

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Here's what our customers have to say..

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Turinturo Twitter Logo

Professional Rocket League Player for Rogue

It's super easy to connect your Smashgg account and receive your competition winnings instantly.
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Realize Twitter Logo

Professional Rocket League Player for @GamingGamersAU

It was so simple to get my money from Context it only took a few minutes.
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@RankedHoops community member, frequent donator.

Incredibly easy to use for loading funds. As a community member that frequently donates to tournament prize pools, I am always in and out in under thirty seconds—no need to make an account, fill out a profile, or navigate any complex menus. Two or three clicks, fill in a number, and done!